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No Omega's third full-length album. Follow up from EP 'Occupants' (2015). Recorded in Söderhamn with Dennis Bertilsson, in November and December, 2016. All vocals (except guest vocals and main vocals on 'Culture', 'Unsociable' and 'Safe', as well as guest vocals on 'Contortion') recorded in Stockholm with Ted Lundwall, in January 2017. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studio in San Fransisco.

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released May 5, 2017

All music and lyrics written by No Omega

Guest vocals on ‘Phobia’ by: Jonathan Lemberg (Shirokuma)
Guest vocals on ‘Cogs’ by: Meghan Minior (Ampere, Longings)
Guest vocals on ‘Contortion’ by: Elina Nilsson (Via Fondo)
Additional guitars on 'Phobia' by: Jack Shirley

Mixed and mastered by: Jack Shirley (Atomic Garden Studio)

Recorded and engineered with: Dennis Bertilsson
Vocals also recorded with: Ted Lundwall

Artwork by: Meghan Minior (Static Frame Design)

Release on vinyl by: Dog Knights Productions
Release on CD and tape by: Evil Greed



all rights reserved



"If the music is loud we won't hear the sound of the world falling apart".

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Track Name: Culture
Having seen what you can do to me
Having felt their gaze follow me
Whispers, whispers, whispers

It’s like a voice in the back of your head
You’re not even aware
Overcoming reason
Since forever

We used to feel safe
We used to belong
We used to find meaning
We had a future
We were creative

My ideas are gone
My dreams are dead
I've ran out of things to say
But I guess you'd like me this way
All that is left; what's still here
The phobia and the fear
I'm afraid to live a life
I'm afraid to walk outside
They're staring at me
They're staring at me
And I'm so fucking weak

There's nothing left
I'm screaming out
For you to help (help)
But there is nothing left
No one left
Everyone left

Track Name: Phobia
The discomfort
I get so nervous
When i'm around
I start shaking
Idle hands
I want to leave
Rather stay home
Rather be alone
Shut the window
Close the curtain
Fucking stay there

I’m so sorry
I lost my head
I filled my head with all these things
concerning the right way to be
But you, you’re so careless, so loud

I digress
I hate myself

Fucking stay there.
Track Name: Misgiving
Your morals hang by a thread
So innocent in all that death

Shielded and naive
We close your eyes
To the impending doom

Won't you read the signs
Culture taught us wrong
We had the wrong plan

Last days of Rome
Oh how could we
Read it out so wrong

The warmest winter
The death of bees
Free from pain 
It does not scream 

So innocent in all that death
In all that destruction

You never needed proof
Even if the evidence was undeniable and true
You would find a way to dismiss it
To live in your bubble
Not just comfort for your ignorant self
No you're so calculating 
Oh you're so rational
Track Name: Autoimmune
A fixation in my head
And I dream and I dread
You coward pretend 

A deficiency, a deficiency
You coward pretend 
Nothing is and never be
You coward pretend 
Nothing is and never be

A fixation in my head
And I dream and I dread
20 hours my skin is red
You coward pretend 

A million things to say
All this pressure
I am drowning in

An open wound
Don’t let them in
You’ve let me in

When your body is attacking itself
Every atom is misinformed
Track Name: Cogs
A system of slavery and addiction
When a controlled substance is sustenance
You're satisfied
You had your fix

You're dead to me
You live in a bubble
A synthesised reality

The machine moves on
You're just a cog
Can't stop it from turning
Head won't stop spinning
It lays waste to all you never loved
And you're oblivious, blue eyed and ignorant
The machine is all we'll ever need

It’s towards loneliness I strive
The machine is all we’ll ever need
Happiness out of a tube
Emptiness inside of you
Success is only for those who can walk alone
We can't all stand on our own

And it makes me
It makes sense to me
And it makes me
It makes me want to end it all
Track Name: Agora
A half-remembered dream
To remind me of something
A group of friends
In a public place
To pretend
That we didn't know
To act as if strangers
To one another

A half-remembered dream
To remind me of something
To know what it's like
To be treated as a stranger

In a place
Where you're supposed to feel safe
We didn't get to choose
We didn't get to choose

We didn't get to choose
We didn't get to choose
What to do with our time

How to live our lives
We didn't get to choose
Education and work
We didn’t get to choose

A half-remembered dream
To remind me of something
We are strangers to each other
We are strangers to ourselves
Track Name: Unsociable
Cover me in make up
I want to drown my sorrow
I want to pretend like

To express an emotion
Develop empathy
And acceptance
To tolerate
And live in harmony

On the outside
And looking in
Social interactions
Ironic detachment
Shallow communication

Pretend to pretend to pretend

Cover me in make up
I want to drown my sorrow
I want to pretend like it never happened
Like it’s all plastic, all artificial
Like it’s all plastic, all fucking perfect.
Track Name: Within, Without
We were left alone
To fend for ourselves
Inside our minds grew
The restlessness
We tried to recover
We tried to adapt
And find our way back

But still we got pushed out
We were left to decide
To live within or to live without
There is nothing for us here
We must find our own sun

To feel infinite
Complete detachment
It would be like no one even knew
We were ever here

They are swimming in a great vast ocean
We are the giants, running at the bottom
Watching the people at the surface
They are lost in communication problems

We were never here.
Track Name: Contortion
Nu går mitt hjärta sönder
Och det gör inte ont
Men jag vet att det är sönder
För jag vet att det är trasigt
Därför att det känns trasigt
Och det är svårt att svälja

(My heart is breaking
And it doesn’t hurt
But I know that it’s broken
Because it feels broken
And it’s hard to swallow)

I want to cry
But I can't
My face squeezes into that
But no tears
I need tears
To tear me in two
And let this nightmare escape
Track Name: Safe
I used to feel safe
Inside my cage
At least from the inside,
I could watch the others shake.
While i sat there

Now i'm afraid of fear
So sick of being scared
I can't walk around my loose ends
Nothing can save me, dear

I can't stop this
I can't pretend anymore
I’m afraid of years to come
Because I’ll probably spend them alone

I don’t ask you to change
All i want
Is for you to see
See things my way,
This once, this one time
And to understand
Let there be room for me

You used to feel safe
Outside my cage
At least from the outside
You could watch me
Track Name: Feral Houses
Traces of what we were
Traces of what we create

It would be like as if
No one even knew
We were ever here...

...but the memories
are mine to keep.
Track Name: Resignation
I won’t silently surrender
I'm letting you know
We're not friends

You dream
And you fantasise
And I
I organise
You live life
And I plan mine
How fitting
This is

These tears
And I'm left in excuse of
The inexcusable

I won't call you
I won't be in your life
You kept quiet
“It’s for the best”

This is the end
I'm letting you know
We're not friends
I'm giving up
I'm letting you know
I’m giving up
We're not friends

Communication is the hardest thing
And I'm afraid you kept most of it
And now I am
A friend